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Michael is a painter and printmaker. Colour & texture tend to dominate his paintings whether it be Acrylic, Oil or Wax on Canvas.

Generally he tends to work quickly not letting his thoughts get too much in the way of his emotional input. With a motto “variety is the spice of life”, this is reflected in a diverse range of subjects & styles.

He also enjoys participating in workshops – “One sees many Interesting approaches to art and I really enjoy meeting all the varied people who have this common interest”

Born in Sydney, Michael started drawing in primary school with coloured pencils – animals, planes & cars. With many years in business & travelling overseas to diverse countries, he has a multitude of visions and memories to work from with in his artworks.

“Painting is like moving meditation – it can take you to a place of peace and quiet”

A recent journey has also been to work in extremely subtle pale pastels creating quiet meditative works which he is now also exploring in nearly all white oil paintings.

Michael’s art practice also includes printmaking focusing on unique woodcuts and solar plate etching,

Michael exhibits regularly in galleries and exhibitions.

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